In Hällesjö fishing area are fantastic fishing opportunities for everyone.


The variation in the water is great. You can take a boat through the 4 lakes from Hällsjön to Lungsjön. Here you have great opportunity to get giant pike. You also have the chance to get a big trout.
If you want to fish undisturbed in a pond surrounded by old growth forest are any number to choose from. There are often really nice bass. In Harsjön, Backsjön and Fröståstjärn planted annually trout, char and trout. The lakes are situated in the beautiful forest environment. They are open in both summer and winter. We have a few rivers with fine trout and grayling fishing.

Fishing card

For accommodations on the Karlsnäsets Fishing camp solved a particular card from Sten Edvardsson on arrival. This applies to all waters. This applies during the entire stay.

Below you can see beautiful fish pictures from the area in Hällesjö.

Bodsjön (lies below Trossjön)
Here you can fish for pike, perch, roach, bream and whitefish. Presence of large trout, grayling, eel and burbot.

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